Cambridge Book Review

[Issue #6, Fall 2001]

Canto 32 Flies dawdling

R. Virgil Ellis

Flies dawdling on the sun-side of the tent.
Good to be out of the house.
As I was shutting off my VCR I thought about Ethiopia
I thought about
I feel Ethiopia
I feel for the starving
I took a turkey breast out of my freezer I baked it carefully
I feel the eyes the flies
I feel the eyes of the strawberry yogurt
It's been running real good since I put in a new Ethiopia
I see the mother I see the mother I see
the baby big big belly
uh new development out on the south side I see some uh plush uh
my study door see the flies sucking
the eyes of the world
are upon you the eyes
of the flies are upon you
when I drove to the shopping center and when I uh shopped I
thought of the fathers holding
the bodies of their children I saw the mothers
I saw a real good classic film the other night
it was called the Magician it was Bergman the Magician
yes I Ethiopia Ethiopia Ethiopia

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