Cambridge Book Review

[Issue #6, Fall 2001]

Canto 35 Walking up the woods path

R. Virgil Ellis

Walking up the woods path just look at April
moving out of all the multiple tans
and umber ochres of winter -- soon
a gauzy veil of light green will settle
on the honeysuckle and the sumac -- up on the lawn
snow-drops and crocuses will yield
to shiny grasses. In the fields the cows will soon
be cropping and beans popping out of the
bare-brown garden. Later caterpillars
will gorge on lush tomatoes -- oh and
monarch larvae will hang on the blue-green
milkweed and there'll be dandelions,
pale green and yellow splashes in the yard --
and then you'll smell the green, the lush green,
the cow's breath green of fresh-cut grass.
earth from empty moon
blue and white locket
hanging in the dark
from the deserts of Mars
pendant sapphire
living light
from the azure methane of Neptune
pinpoint of living light
light-years away
hard to find
one of a kind?
Gaia gets along
linking living and non-living
rapport between trees and rain
she glides along the edge
calls to the one who eats
the one eaten
we're stumbling to a different edge
she's holding out her hand
are you ready?

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