Cambridge Book Review

[Issue #2, Spring & Summer 1998]

Canto 60 This late in March

R. Virgil Ellis

This late in March the woods
are tonic! all its chords
comfort the tired house.

Balm in the wind massages
the roof, eases arthritic
windows, soothes the ache

that creaks in the attic
as the house breathes deep.
Curtains explore the walls.

Warbles shimmer in cobwebs, tickle
dust-balls that frisk from the broom.
Trills of waxwings shine the floors.

Seeds rustle in their packets.
Crow-caws rattle cups and tingle
piano-strings while screams of jays

twist pipes in their threads.
Doors go climbing stairs.
Walls dissolve. Mirrors hang

in mid-air,
frame the rising crocus,
lotus in pond of lawn.

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